'Uenoya' Konnyaku Yam Noodle -Black, 200g

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Fibre-rich noodles with a firm, deliciously supple bite.

Kneaded with a combination of fresh konnyaku potato yam and dense konnyaku flour, these nourishing noodles combine thick, chewiness with crisp, robust flavour to produce truly nutritious noodles. Great when added to soups and stews thanks to their natural absorbency, these noodles can soak up meat juices, sauces and broths with ease, giving a chance to enjoy richer flavours with a firmer, more satisfying bite. Refreshing and filling, with a rustic sweetness that appeases the senses, make slurping up noodle dishes healthy, hearty and simple within 2-3 minutes with these easy-to-boil noodles.