'LNS Trade' ***60%OFF****One Piece Zoro Organic Iced Tea with Red Fruit Flavour, 500ml

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The BB date is 20/10/2022

Set sail with a fruity burst of iced tea refreshment!

Accompany your daily quest for One Piece treasures with the invigorating ice tea nourishment Zoro and the Straw Hat crew provide with this swashbuckling selection of fruity iced teas. Flavoured with tangy rose hip fruit, fragrant hibiscus and refreshing apple mint, this sweet iced tea comes with all the sharp juiciness and cool nutrition needed to quench your thirst for adventure! Each covered in collectible art featuring your favourite One Piece crew members, feel invincible with the reliable, ready to go aid of crew swordsman Roronoa Zoro.