'NISSIN FOODS' Demae Ramen Bar Noodle (Spicy Aka Tonkotsu) 176.0g, 174g

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Fiery, bold-flavoured tonkotsu ramen served Fukuoka style.

Delivering the finest ramen noodle flavours with simple convenience, Nissin's Demae Iccho brings the peppery richness of Fukuoka's succulent tonkotsu ramen directly to your dinner table. Featuring two servings of firm, non-fried noodles spiced for extra warmth, this aka tonkotsu is easily made by boiling the noodles in water, before pouring them into a creamy soy, garlic and shallot powdered soup base. Finished with an additional seasoning oil packed with sesame, chilli and various spices, this ramen bubbles with crisp heat and toasty aromas, soaking your noodles and toppings in a deep red, spicy, umami flavour. Made in Hong Kong