'ISHIBASHIYA' Sashimi Konjac -Nori, 145g

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Tender slices of chewy konnyaku coated in spicy miso dressing.

Experience the succulent, umami bite of fresh konnyaku flavoured with crisp nori seaweed and spinach, as the nourishing ingredient is thinly sliced into delicate sashimi pieces. Provided with a sachet of spicy-sweet miso, mustard and perilla-leaf dressing for seasoning, each fine slice of chewy konnyaku features flecks of seaweed and spinach to maximise their refreshing crispness, whether they're added to salad and vegetable dished or enjoyed individually with a side of pickles and other popular garnishes. Fantastic for those looking to indulge in tender sashimi without fish, the slices flaunt the tasty, nourishing versatility of konnyaku yam in Japanese cooking.