'Nihon Sakari ' SOUHANA Junmai Ginjo, 720ml

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A special, well-rounded taste of distinct sake quality.

Offering the sweet smoothness, crisp dryness and swelling mouthfeel required of Japan's finest sake, Nihon Sakari produces an exquisitely fruity and well-rounded sake with this carefully-brewed Souhana junmai ginjo. Made with only the finest pick of rice grains meticulously milled to 55% their size, this junmai ginjo is brewed with Nihon Sakari's own Souhana yeast to cultivate a sweet, lusciously full-bodied and refreshing palate, complete with a clean, bittersweet finish to help you feel uplifted and revived. Award-winning for its naturally refined aromas and sumptuous umami texture, this sake is an absolute treat whether chilled or served slightly warm (40-45°C). The perfect gift to any aspiring sake sommelier with its traditionally striped box for display.

Alcohol 15.5% ABV.