'SANGARIA' Chu-Hi Kibun Ramune, 350ml

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A fun, sweet soda cocktail, for when you need a refreshing pick me up.

Fizzy, tangy and thirst-quenchingly sweet without the need for added sugar, this ramune soda mixed chuhai spritzer is cut with vodka and citrus fruits to offer lively, sparkling refreshment when the mood arises. Flavoured with lemon, grapefruit and Amanatsu orange to give its crisp, carbonated taste a touch of fruity sharpness, the exciting, natural fizz of this cocktail is surprisingly gentle and easy to drink. A great way to refresh with the flavours of one of Japan's most beloved chilled beverages, give drinks with your favourite food or company a unique and exciting twist with this chuhai spritzer.

Alcohol content: 6.0%