'Menswharf' Ise Matcha Noodle, 300g

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Infuse soothing matcha flavour into traditional noodle soups.

Kneaded with the addition of matcha green tea powder to give their firm, springy texture a rustic, bittersweet warmth, turn a simple noodle soup dish into luxurious comfort food with these regional noodles. Cooked in only 6 minutes, these noodles are infused with the fragrant bite of Ise's finest, uplifting matcha, to help any noodle recipe feel both refreshing and rich. A delicious complement to classic Japanese noodle broths, whether it's topped with fried tofu, crispy tempura or shredded daikon radish, these matcha noodles are especially indulgent when served cold with a luscious tsuyu dipping sauce.