'UEMAN RYOSHOKU' Wa Panko Rice Flour Breadcrumbs, 200g

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Create flaky, deep-fried coatings, free from gluten.

For those looking to savour the irresistible crunch of katsu cutlets, Japanese croquettes or tempura without the need for gluten, these fine panko breadcrumbs are made from 100% rice flour and provide equally crisp deliciousness. Lighter than wheat panko with a more delicate texture, these rice breadcrumbs absorb less oil during frying to create a crunchier, healthier coating, free from additives and shortening for a natural flakiness. Fantastic for also replacing regular breadcrumbs in hamburger meats, mince, gratin and more, find moreish ways to bulk up meals with these brilliant breadcrumbs.

Produced in a factory that handles Wheat and Soy.

Received a halal certification from the Japan Islamic Cultural Center in 2016 .