'MNH' ***20%OFF****Zombie Snack 2 Olive Basil Flavour 35.0g, 35g

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Zombie-shaped rice crackers everyone will be reaching to munch!

Who would have thought zombies could be as adorably tasty as these olive oil and basil seasoned, colourful rice crackers? Each flavoured with a savoury mixture of herbs and spices, including basil, spinach, thyme and coriander, these crunchy green and blue snacks are moulded in cute zombie shapes and fried in olive oil, so their moreish taste becomes all the more fun to munch. Rich in healthy bacteria to aid the gut and free from preservatives, these zombie rice crackers are not only exciting to nibble limb by limb, but also can be used as delicious decorations or sharing snacks at parties.