'AMANOYA' Kabukiage Fried Rice Crackers Grilled Wasabi Flavour, 78g

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Bite-sized, bobbled crackers brimming with peppery wasabi heat.

Deliciously crunchy with a sweet soy sauce taste that delicately melts in the mouth, these puffy Kabukiage fried rice crackers offer a sumptuously spicy wasabi kick with every snack-sized bite. Made from non-glutinous rice for a firmer, crispness when munched, the light weight of these rice crackers complements the sharp, savoury tang their spicy seasonings provide, combining sweet, fiery flavours with an umami richness. Crumbly, sweet and colourfully packaged in traditional orange, black and green stripes, these classic rice crackers tantalise everyone with their vivid, tongue-tingling spiciness.