'KASUGAI SEIKA' ***20%OFF***Green Pea Snack - Ume Picked Plum and Salt, 28g

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BB date is 01/10/21

Irresistible roasted peas coated in tantalising plum salt.

For a sweet snap of sour plum flavour rounded out by the sumptuous addition of salt, these roasted peas are the peak of exquisite snacking. Hand coated in succulent Kishu plum powder seasoned with salt, the tangy sharpness of these peas becomes the perfect partner to their moreish, umami crunch, creating a luxurious flavour that's impossible to resist, especially when paired with your favourite evening beverage. Packaged in a resealable pouch for freshness, provided they don't disappear in one sitting!

Packaged in a nice small pack easy to carry in your bag or can be enjoyed at home at any time of your day and night.