'TAIMATSU SHOKUHIN' Rice Flour, 300g

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A wonderfully gluten-free alternative to creating the fluffiest bakes and more!

Made 100% from fluffiest sources of Niigata prefecture's famous Koshihikari rice grain, this fine rice flour fills all kinds of delicate cooking needs for different dietary requirements. Easy to sift and unlikely to clump thanks to its soft, finely-powdered consistency, this flour is capable of forming evenly moist, springy and crunchy textures without any need for a gluten-based flour or thickener. Formed smooth and supple thanks to careful water milling, this flour forms a sticky dough or batter that aerates beautifully for light sponges and absorbs less oil to ensure the crispiest tempura coatings. A straight alternative to regular flour that allows more people to eat healthy and allergy free.