'ECHIGO SEIKA' Zarame Coarse Sugar Coated Rice Crackers-Small, 100g

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Firm, soy sauce rice crackers sprinkled in delicious sugar.

Split into 4 multipack servings and smashed into bitesize pieces for easy sharing with friends and family, these sugar-coated rice crackers offer rich savoury-sweet flavour, ideal for dipping and savouring. Fried under a weight so they form an incredibly dense and hard cracker, these katayaki snacks squeeze layers of umami soy sauce goodness into their sugar-sweet coating that simply melts in the mouth until each cracker is soft enough to snap. Snacked with care but sublime when dipped in soups and noodle broths, the sugar-heightened savouriness of these indulgent rice crackers makes them a delight to nibble on over long periods.