'SANKO SEIKA' Karinto Sweet Potato Deepfried Snack, 90g

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Crunchy, deep-fried snacks coated in a salty-sweet combination of seasonings.

Featuring 5 individual packs of crispy dough batter sticks made from wheat and fibre-rich sweet potato, these traditional karinto snacks are each deliciously lavished with 1 of 3 exciting coatings. Deep-fried to a crispy, churro-like texture with a fluffy, delicate sweetness when bitten into, each handy pack of these light snacks comes with a mixture of sweet karinto glazed in coarse sugar crystals or honey and sesame for added layers of crunch & indulgent flavour, or simply salted to enhance their subtle sweet potato creaminess. Ideal for sharing or carrying as a satisfying in-between meal snack. .