'SANYO SHOKUHIN' Instant Salt Tonkotsu Ramen Noodle 5P 485.0g, 485g

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Enjoy lighter, more succulent servings of instant Tonkotsu pork ramen.

Pairing the classic tonkotsu pork bone ramen recipe of southern Japan with the saltier ramen seasonings of the north, these 5 servings of mouthwatering shio tonkotsu ramen create a irresistibly creamy noodle soup in minutes. Each packaged with dried portions of springy egg ramen noodles, the included pork-based broth of this ramen is seasoned with salt, chicken, sesame and spring onion to maximise its sumptuous savoury taste, completed with a sprinkling of fish and kelp stock for tasty umami depth. Easily prepared and cooked in boiling water within 3 minutes, savour the convenience of this uniquely popular ramen with your favourite meat and vegetable toppings.