'TOHATO' Caramel Corn Snack Almond Flavoured 70.0g, 77g

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Enjoy a sweeter nuttiness to the smooth caramel bite of these moreish corn puffs.

A complement to melt in the mouth texture of Tohato's beloved Caramel Corn snacks, the addition of roasted almond paste and crushed almonds gives these irresistible treats a savoury-sweet creaminess to munch your way through. Delicately fragrant and crisp to contrast the rich sugary taste of each corn puff, almond paste is seamlessly blended into the corn's soft mixture, to ensure a mellow, light yet toasty flavour is savoured with each delightful bite. Sprinkled with crushed almond pieces for the occasionally sharp, nutty crunch, these corn snacks combine the gently and snappy qualities for almond for everyone to share.