'MIYAKOICHI' MIYAKOICHI - Teppan Yakisoba 3pc (Stir Fried Noodles) 480.0g, 480g

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Fry up flavoursome yakisoba noodles in a flash.

Pre-cooked and sealed fresh, these yakisoba noodles supply a firm and juicy bite that can be stir-fried and prepared in mere minutes. Vacuum-sealed without any need for refrigeration, each of these 3 servings are instantly available for frying once opened and can be easily untangled across your pan or hot plate with just a splash of water. Each supplied with a rich, savoury sachet of powdered yakisoba sauce, just mix each sachet with your added water to ensure a thorough coating of tangy flavour that can be slurped up alongside your favourite choice of meat or vegetables.