'Akagi Shokuhin' Akagi Shokuhin - Joshu Akagi Somen Noodles 270.0g, 270g

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Experience the gently crafted suppleness of local somen noodles.

Kneaded expertly to preserve the nutritious quality and softness of Gunma's locally-produced wheat flour, these somen noodles are made to soak up every drop of delicious sauce and soup flavour. Made 100% from regional ingredients and the fresh spring water that flows through the area, these somen form delicate strands that stretch and swell superbly, providing a refreshing, light base to sample rich sauces and toasty broths. Bundled into 3 neat portions for easy boiling and chilling, dip into the satisfying regional flavour these noodles provide your hot and cold summer dishes with.