'NISSIN FOODS' Nissin Foods - Instant Stir Fried Noodles Spicy Flavour 116.0g, 116g

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Out of this world instant yakisoba flavour.

Delivering you moreish street food as you've never experienced before, Nissin U.F.O.'s yakisoba noodles offer a fiery chilli helping of rich spicy flavour in an instant. With a slick, firm portion of garlic-seasoned noodles, as well as dehydrated carrots and bok choi, all this yakisoba needs is 3 minutes in hot water, before you can drain and load the dish with a deliciously hot soy sauce, chilli bean and oyster sauce. Uniquely flavoured with tomato and shallots to makes its peppery bite all the more crisp, complete this tasty meal with a squeeze of creamy mayonnaise and a sprinkling of seaweed.

Fork Included. Made in China.