'GEKKEIKAN' ***20%OFF***GEKKEIKAN - The Shot - Dry Black - Daiginjo Sake, 180ml

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Experience the exquisitely refreshing flavour of this compact daiginjo sake.

Perfect for when you need a dose of relaxation with one of Gekkeikan's premier sake creations, this "shot" of daiginjo sake offers a crisp burst of the freshest fruity flavours. Lively on the nose, with invigorating apple and pear notes, this sake is made with twice the amount of yeast to ensure its refreshingly dry mouthfeel is quenched by an array of juicy aromas. Refined quickly and concisely so these sharp notes harmonise with the smooth consistency of this daiginjo, this sake creates a finely polished beverage best enjoyed chilled with a sweet chocolate treat.

Alcohol: 15-16%