'Ushijima ' Ushijima - Yame Aged Black Tea 50.0g, 50g

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Perfectly rich black tea preserved for your consumption. Premium.

Harvested by hand and thoroughly steamed to release the sweetest natural flavours, this loose tea matures its exquisitely refined taste through meticulous drying and roasting of its rich tea leaves. Grown upon the famed hilly fields of Yame, Fukuoka, the misty region provides the perfect balance of moisture and sunlight to nurture fine black tea leaves that are steamed, rolled and twisted for up to 4 hours to release their deeper flavours and reduce any astringency. This calms the bitter kick and aroma of this splendidly soothing black tea, allowing its more complex, drawn out essence to develop as the tea is roasted and matured. Stored cool in a sealed environment so the aged leaves remain fresh and full of quality, this black tea is given all the time and effort to create you ideal daily cup.