'KRACIE' Kracie Popin' Cookin' Doughnut Candy Kit 38.0g, 38g

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Craft and decorate your own delicious mini doughnut sweets.

Fulfil a chance to design your very own range of adorable doughnuts with this creative candy kit. From chocolate and custard dough ingredients to various sauces and toppings, everything you need is broken down into basic mixing powders you can stir up and complete with just the addition of water. Packaged with trays and sheets to form your dough, ring shapes and decorations, there's several ways you can style and shape your personal doughnuts with ease, including simple instructions on piping and patterning your chocolate, vanilla and strawberry icings. Rich in fun and calcium, this additive and preservative free kit offers every reason to enjoy playing with your food before you eat it! Each pack contains enough ingredients for 4 doughnuts.