'ICHIBIKI' Akakara Spicy Nabe Hot Pot Soup Stock, 4 sachets, 232g

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Akakara's irresistible hot pot stock comes individually served in the fiery contents of this handy sachet multi-pack. Split into single servings of the Nagoya restaurant chain's hearty red miso broth, its robust flavour and subtle honey sweetness give ingredients lots to soak up, so each hot pot only needs to be topped off by a choice splash of included chilli heat. Measured carefully into marked sachets, so you can match the spice to Akakara's suggested levels, this sachet pack offers versatile flavouring you can align to anyone's spice tolerance. Experiment with the pungent possibilities of each 32 spice sachet and make the most of the leftovers in a rich udon or spicy potato stew.

Contains 4 x Red Miso Soup Base, 4 x Chilli Pepper Sachets.