'ICHIBIKI' Akakara Spicy Nabe Hot Pot Soup Stock - Medium Hot, 3- 4 servings, 750g

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A hot on trend Nagoya-based chain that's proud of its many fiery levels of flavour, this snappy 'Level 3' (of 10) soup comes carefully stirred from a mix of 32 chilli spices that are kept in check by the soothing secret addition of rich honey. Contrasting the initial sharpness of gochujang and tonbanjan chilli paste, with a deep and hearty sweetness from the included honey, this stock strikes a popular balance that tickle everyone's taste buds, making its pungent red miso base a pleasing start to a lively sharing dish. Play around with ingredients from tofu to beef in this simple shake and pour broth, and save the leftover stock as a chance to spice up other dishes like rice soup and doria casserole. 3-4 servings.