'INOUE SHOTEN' Shiso Perilla and Wakame Seaweed Soft Furikake Rice Seasoning, 90g

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While some seasonings provide a pleasant crunch to your fluffy rice and pasta, Inoue Shoten takes pride in making theirs all the more supple and easier to savour. Made from locally hand-picked wakame seaweed from Hagi, Yamaguchi, its springy and fresher characteristics give it a soft texture that's been enjoyed for generations. Combined with the irresistible sharpness of shredded shiso perilla, this topping trickles layers of splendid texture & taste onto even the simplest rice and pasta dishes. Completed with a gentle sesame crunch and a sprinkling of bonito flavour, this seasoning encapsulates its fine regional character into a resealable pack that can be shared anywhere.