'AMANOYA' Petit Kabukiage Spicy Fried Rice Crackers, 62g

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For a heated moreish, crunch you can't get enough of, these petit Kabukiage spicy fried rice crackers will keep your taste buds tingling with delight. Flavoured with lashings of Amanoya's specially made rich gochujang chili sauce, these light snacks help spice up anyone's palate with each tiny bobbled bite, releasing layers of densely packed flavour that draw out the pleasing texture inside. Blending Kabukiage's traditional soy sauce taste with a salty rishiri kombu stock, each piece carries a perfectly balanced umami quality that makes the fiery tang all the more easy to savour. Given a peppery aftertaste with the addition of mixed shichimi peppers, these crackers like Kabuki theatre like to deliver an intense enjoyment you'll surely never forget.