'NISSIN SHOKUHIN' Menshokunin Chicken Soy Sauce Flavoured Instant Ramen Noodles, 88g

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Tasty ramen goodness is rarely as handy as this chicken soy sauce instant noodle soup! Made with wholewheat flour for a mineral-rich base to a simple midday meal, these ramen noodles come non-fried and just as easy to slurp up with a umami broth of rich chicken stock and salty soy sauce. Lightly filling and low on calories yet still irresistibly flavoursome, this ramen requires little patience to perfect its easy prep, with a soup packet to cook on the lid after you've added boiling water. Complete with crunchy toppings including nori seaweed, pickled bamboo shoots, spring onions and a naruto fishcake, you'll enjoy a classic ramen experience that's nourishingly satisfying.