'NAGATANIEN' Asage Instant Less Salted Miso Soup 5 Variety Pack, 5 servings, 36g

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Have the quality of healthy homemade miso soup flavours always available at hand, with these freeze dry blocks carefully prepared by the nurtured skills of Nagatanien. Sourcing the finest ingredients & toppings of much-loved household recipes, Nagatanien locks in freshness by carefully freezing and removing water, so each soup cube can bounce back with porous perfection when mixed with hot water. 

With 1 cube each of roasted aubergine, spring onions, nameko mushrooms, tofu and spinach-based soup, there's a rich and nourishing variety to make mealtimes more hearty and wholesome, especially with 25% less salt in this reduced salt pack.  

All you need is a cup and 160ml of boil water, and you're set.