'SANRIO' Gudetama 6 in 1 Multi Colour Ballpoint Pen and Mechanical Pencil, 10g

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Gudetama, a Hello Kitty's laid-back friend brings you this eggsellent Sanrio original multi-colour ballpoint pen, a classic, adorable design given larger nibs to press and a wider body that's both easy and comfortable to grip. With the lovable egg's face adorning the side of his convenient creation, you'll be surprised to lock down to pen's side clip and reveal a mechanical pencil nib, the perfect start to a sketch you can relax and ink in black, red, pink, blue and green.

Contain's replaceable plastic ink cartridges (0.7mm) and a removable compartment for pencil leads (0.5mm). Measures approx. 14.5cm in length.