'TOSA BREWING COMPANY' Aikawahomare Yamahai 58 Junmai Sake, 720ml

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An invigoratingly luscious, full-bodied junmai sake.

With a creamy, yoghurt-like mouthfeel supported by a strong, crisp acidity and refreshing alcohol sweetness, experiencing the full, umami palate of Tosa Shuzo's local Gin No Yume rice is made exquisitely possible by this yamahai-brewed junmai sake. Made through yamahai brewing techniques that replace the mashing step to ferment rice with natural yeast, this method produces a buttery-sweet, mellow sake, with the rich rice notes of its 58% polished rice balanced by out by uplifting floral aromas and gentle hints of banana. Smooth with a sharp and satisfying finish, this junmai is well suited to being paired with rich foods, whether served chilled or at room temperature with spare ribs, cheese or teppan-fried dishes.

Alcohol: 14.9% ABV.