'GEKKEIKAN' Alcohol Free 0.00% Sake, 245g

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Using the careful combinations of ingredients that go into making their other fine sake as reference, Gekkeikan has subtly balanced natural flavourings without rice to recreate a wonderful taste, texture and smell in this sake that combines the bitter acidity of yuzu extract and amino acids with a fragrant and complex blend of spices. This allows it to achieve the unmistakable roasted rice note of sake, an essence to lure you into its refreshingly dry and full kick of flavour that mellows out into a pleasing yet brief apple-like aftertaste.

Made with the versatility to be enjoyed hot, warm or cold also, this sake lets you experience natural changes with temperature, showcasing its heavier and sharper character when heated to truly help you appreciate this historically loved drink without the need to get tipsy!  

Alcohol Content: 0.00%