'MORINAGA SEIKA' Mini Angel Pie Chocolate Coated Matcha Marshmallow Biscuits, 8 pieces *Limited Edition, 71g

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Inspired by the soft and creamy contents of many classic matcha desserts, Morinaga's fluffy Angel Pie sweets have been given a delightfully uplifting and petite twist with this limited edition matcha variant. 

Offering 8 individually wrapped mini versions of the popular teacake-like treat, each pie manages to pack exciting taste and texture into each light layer, with an irresistibly soft marshmallow centre sandwiched between moist biscuit that has been blended with shiro an, white bean paste for an even smoother melt in the mouth feel. 

Coated in a velvety chocolate fondue and infused gently with matcha throughout, these sweets manage to expand fabulously with flavour despite their size and weight, offering a rich yet healthy pick-me-up at only 39 calories per piece.