'RICE GROW WARDS' Niigata Nanatani Tanadamai Koshihikari Rice, 2.0 Kg

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Koshihikari rice is a notably sticky and versatile crop that is grown mainly across the backbone of Western Japan in many styles and varieties to appease its popular demand and with this fluffy Nanatani Tanadamai batch of the rice, the authentic flavour of Japan's serene environment and carefully handled agriculture is able to shine. 

Grown in Kamo city among valleys nestled away in the Awagatake mountain range of Niigata prefecture, there is both bountiful wetlands with mineral-rich soil and clear flowing water to provide this rice with everything it needs to develop naturally with all the rich character of the region. Using natural fertilisers instead of chemical, every aspect of care is taken by Rice Growers to nurture this crop of rice by hand ensuring the finest quality of glutinous and flavoursome rice, a regional speciality that is ideal for onigiri and sushi with a bold sweetness that really draws out other ingredients.