'GEKKEIKAN' Junmai Daiginjo Nama Sake, 280ml

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A complex nama sake that is brewed to pristine junmai daiginjo standard.

To taste the fully refined sweetness of Gekkeikan's exquisite junmai daiginjo, this unpasteurised nama sake has been ultra-fine filtered to lock in its quality freshness from fermenting barrel to glass. Made superbly smooth and simple to drink, with all yeast and koji enzymes thoroughly squeezed out of this finely-milled rice sake, this junmai daiginjo delivers you the premium taste only the brewers used to sample, with its full-bodied yet refreshingly clean mouthfeel. Opening to a gentle and nuanced apple sweetness on the nose that unravels into a rich, fruity sourness, this sake gently expands through your senses as it flows soothingly to a lingering and satisfying finish. Offering a mellow body that is simple for even inexperienced sake drinkers to savour, create your own mood and scenario to discover the complex flavours of this junmai daiginjo nama sake.

Alcohol: 14-15%