'MORINAGA SEIKA' Amao-Ichigo Strawberry Caramel Chewy Sweets, 12 pieces *Limited Edition, 60g

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Morinaga milk caramels are loved by both children and adults for the soothing sweetness they deliver in both traditional and unique seasonal flavours.

Morinaga has carefully mixed in the particular bittersweet tang of specialty Amaou strawberries from Kyushu with luscious helpings of milk and sugar to create these limited edition strawberry caramels that recreate a surprisingly light but flavoursome strawberry milk taste. Easy to pick up one after the other thanks to fruity, enticing fragrance, these caramels simply melt in the mouth with their smooth texture, making it easy to relax and recharge with an affordably simple yet wonderful treat, only 20 calories per piece.