'BOURBON' DC_Fettuccine Gummy, Melon Soda, 50g

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The irresistibly sweet flavour of melon soda invigorates these incredibly chewy Fettuccine gummies to make the increasingly popular candies burst with fruitiness! Coming in flat and thin strips, much like the pasta of the same name, these gummies are made slightly "al dente" with a hardness that really draws out the maximum flavour as you happily chew away. 

The refreshing melon soda taste is enhanced by the characteristic sour kick of Bourbon's Fettuccine gummies, each coated in a tantalising powder that hooks you into craving more of their fantastic aftertaste. Resealable for when you've had your Fettuccine fix and want to save or share their fresh feeling later, these gummies, packed with Vitamin C, are ready to energise you anytime.