'EBARA FOODS' Korean Kimchi Nabe Sauce (Kimuchi Nabe No Moto), 300g

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A bottle of spicy Korean kimuchi sauce made with a mix of seafood flavours, including katsuobushi bonito flakes, Japanese sardine, shrimp, crab and salmon, zested with a pinch of garlic, paprika and other spices. Enjoy the fiery hotness of Korean cuisine with this delicious kimuchi sauce! Fans of spicy Asian food may have heard of this hot Korean delicacy enjoyed by millions around the world. This kimuchi sauce is especially tasty when used in nabe and soup dishes, giving the ingredients simmered in it a rich spicy flavour. This nabe sauce makes a quick, filling dish. • Simmer 600ml of water, stiring in 300ml of nabe sauce. • Add vegetables, tofu, meat or seafood. • Or add a dash to your stir fry or fried rice to give it that authentic Korean kimuchi kick!